Monday, 26 May 2008

Intelligent car keys

I'm kinda forgetful. this is probably the root of all my ideas, my first idea is the result of continuously returning to my car to check if I've locked it probably.

i would like to see my car key to have a wee display on it to let me know if my car is unlocked.

it might work some thing like this

1. lock car door with beeper

2. sensor in keys stays on for a couple of seconds after clicking on it

3. car then tells keys it is locked, keys store this information

4. after a couple of seconds sensor in keys turns off to conserve battery

5. a couple of minutes later I've forgotten if my car is locked or not

6. Press a little button on keys I'd imagine it would look like this

7. Key's wee inbuilt computer checks which state it's in, locked or unlock, and displays a green or red light to denote state

8. Return to car to lock it.

I don't think this is a huge revolutionary step, but why hasn't any car manufacturer done this yet? I think this would be an extremely useful extra for forgetful car owners like myself.

A bit lazy with the ole ideas?

I'm finding that I'm getting more and more lazy with my ideas. I come up with half decent inventions but i know I'll never get around to doing anything with them. I'm a bit hazy with patent laws but it looks pretty certain that you can't sell an idea. You have to have a working prototype to have any kind of intellectual property. As my electronic and computing skills are pretty much the same as your average ten year old, i have excepted the fact that I'll never be a millionaire through inventing stuff.

The point behind this wee blog is for me to have an outlet for my half baked ideas, if anyone sees anything they like, please let me know if you develop anything. I would be very chuffed if anything came to fruition